How to Train Your Hero in Travian

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The hero in Travian is a special unit which gains experience and has 5 special abilities: Offense, Defense, Off-Bonus, Def-Bonus and Regeneration. As your hero gains experience in battles he gets 5 points for each gained level, which can be then used to enhance his abilities. The abilities greatly increase the potential of your armies, if you choose to train the right ones. Using a hero is also the only way to capture oasises.

Your hero gets experience points by being in battles, so don’t forget to send him too.

Which Unit to Train as Your Hero

Even though you can have several heroes, you can only have one at a time. It’s highly advised to focus only on one to get him as leveled as possible. You can get your hero by building a Hero’s Mansion and training a regular unit as one.

It doesn’t really matter if the hero unit is offensive or defensive. Speed is the most important attribute. So train your hero from the fastest unit you have. A Paladin for the Teutons, T. Thunder for the Gauls and Eq. Imperatoris for the Romans. Speed comes in handy when you send your hero around villages to capture oasises etc.

Which Abilities to Focus on

Offensive and defensive bonuses are the important ones. Increasing your hero’s offense and defense points might seem like a good idea, but it’s not. Don’t spend your points on offense and defense. Getting off- or def-bonus to the maximum of +20% or 100 points is the main objective. Which one you choose depends on your role, def-bonus is obviously for defensive players. If you don’t really have a distinct role, choose offensive bonus.

You can also put some points to regeneration.

Example on Offensive Bonus

Our hero is a lvl 19 Eq. Imperatoris. If we chose to spend all of our 100 points on hero’s own offense, the attack points would add up to be 10900.  Regular Imperian has 70 attack points.

10900 / 70 = 155

In other words, our hero’s 10900 attack points are worth 155 Imperians.

Now if we spent our points on offensive bonus instead, it would give us +20% more attack power. Let’s see how many Imperians we have to have to equal the 155 we got from the extra offense points.

500 * 0,2 = 100

775 * 0,2 = 155

10 000 * 0,2 = 2000

So, when you have less than 775 Imperians in your army, the offense points are worth more than the bonus.  At 775 they are worth the same. More than 775 and the bonus becomes a better choice, at 10 000 Imperians the bonus is already worth 2000 Imperians.

If you plan to have more than 775 Imperians worth of attacking power in your army, allot your points to the offensive bonus early on.

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